Strategic Initiative Alignment

An immersive engagement with a follow-on toolkit to create clarity, certainty and confidence about the strategic goals and direction of your organisation or department.

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DevOps & Agility Culture

An immersive engagement to help product teams deliver continuous business value, and apply measurable outcomes to the people, process and technology culture.

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Platform as a Product

An immersive engagement to create understanding of treating your platform as a product, with follow-on toolkit to help you succeed with your platform engineering journey.

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How does it work?

Each of your engagements involve our team of experienced coaches, who run the workshops and provide continuous support afterwards (via the Stellafai platform), so that everything that starts at the workshop is supported and sticks for your team.

What's included in every workshop:

  • All assets from the workshop are captured and digitised
  • The resulting strategic goals, measures and supporting information will be configured in Stellafai
  • Reference guides to all methods used during the workshop for future use
  • Video montage to show in 1-2 minutes the impact of the workshop
  • All coaching is captured in a dedicated coaching zone for you and your team to access when you need it in the future.
  • A dedicated coach assigned to mentor and support you after the workshop, initially for 3 months. Coach will check in regularly and offer guidance and suggestions to help make sure what we started in the room sticks

Our principles:

  • Discovery and Delivery - No hand-offs, no hand-overs.
  • End to end Journey - There is no cliff to fall off. We’ll see this through all the way.
  • Measurable outcomes are always at the core of our engagements.
"Stellafai supported us through a full strategic business review. They facilitated an engaging workshop that enabled us collaboratively to define clear measurable objectives for 2023. We couldn’t have got there without the expertise and leadership of Bella and Tim and are confident with their continued support we will execute successfully on those objectives."
Simon Cobby leaning on one elbow
Simon Cobby

These engagements are for you if you want to...

  • Create a Clear Innovation Vision: Stellafai workshops cut through the ambiguity, helping teams set precise, strategic goals tailored to your needs.
  • Unify Cross-Functional Teams: Our workshops promote unity, aligning teams around a shared vision of innovation. We bridge the gap between function and vision, making collaboration seamless.
  • Define Measurable Outcomes: We focus on results. Our engagements provide the skills to set tangible metrics for your initiatives, turning abstract concepts into concrete, trackable outcomes.

Is this the right immersive engagement for you?

We're happy to answer any questions!

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Meet your coaches...


An expert in cultural change, innovation, agile and design thinking. Before co-founding Stellafai, for 4+ years Bella was at Google, leading Customer Value and Digital Transformation teams. Her superpower is helping people and teams achieve their goals. She would love to work with you to help you nail OKRs and unlock your and your team’s potential.


Before co-founding Stellafai, Tim was Global Head of Product for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs—a career spanning 20+ years as an agile and lean coach. Tim is also a proud co-author of DevOps Culture and Practice. A book focused on sharing how to deliver continuous business.


Anna is a DevOps and Lean practitioner passionate about empowering product teams and fostering cross teams collaboration. Working at Open Innovation Labs, she coached customers to combine technology and open source ways of working to solve complex business problems and maximise the value and experience for the end users.


Riley was one of the founders of Red Hat Open Innovation labs. A software engineer and designer who helped start and propelled Fortune 500's and startups projects in 15+ countries. His mantra: Inspire and empower people!


Teemu has experience with coaching high-performing Product Teams. Teemu works with customer platform and application development teams to bring together people, process and technology in the most efficient way to solve complex business problems.