How does it work? 

How Stellafai integrates with Slack:

Stellafai integrates with Slack, by sending messages to your chosen channel when specific events are triggered. This is to ensure that the whole organisation is aware of the updates and changes to Key Results within the Stellafai app.

To integrate your space with Slack,

  • Log in to your account and choose the appropriate space you'd like to receive notifications from.
  • Under the organise tab in the Left side bar, choose 'Integrations'.
  • This will lead you to our integrations page > Add to Slack > choose your preferred channel to receive notifications.
  • All notifications will come from:

Message triggers:

Messages are triggered to your dedicated Slack channel, when action is taken in Stellafai. These actions include:

  • Updating your Objectives: Priority, context and naming updates.
  • Updates to Key Results: Percentage Updates, Priority Updates, Progress comments added, Measurement & context updated.

Stellafai's privacy policy can be found here.