The Outcome Acceleration Cohort for transformation leaders

A fully remote, 6-week ‘outcome accelerator’ programme. Transformation leaders and change agents work towards building a continuous flow system to discover, prioritise and deliver measurable impact.

How does it work?

A fully remote, 6-week ‘outcome accelerator’ programme. Where 8-10 Transformation leaders and change agents work towards building a continuous flow system to discover, prioritise and deliver measurable impact. A blend of group, peer-led roundtables and community collaboration, and more targeted 1:1 workshops with us will help you take methods, tools and ways of working back to your business to transform teams to being goal-oriented and connected to strategy.

What’s in the box?


6-Week remote, mostly async programme designed to fit around existing work schedules.



Open to anyone globally, (although we typically run to GMT time zones for calls).



7-10 transformation Leaders who are adopting change to increase efficiency at work.



Focus on delivering bespoke value to current challenges, contextual to your business.



Mixture of Asynchronous & Synchronous format.



Full Access to Stellafai, your strategy execution toolkit for goal-oriented teams.



Reusable and repeatable practices that apply at every level of the organisation.



In-Depth sessions, live and recorded, to enable delivery of measurable impacts.



Fireside chats with  Transformation Leaders, world-class experts and 4x peer-led roundtables.



4 x bookable workshops with expert coaches, to transform ways of working through a measurable outcome mindset.



3 full months of async coaching during and after the programme whilst you apply and bed in methods and tools.



Unlimited sharing on your new org’s connected outcome space (including all your personalised coaching).

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What will my business get from me going on this cohort?

  • A Transformation Leader & change agent who has had coaching around how to establish a fast flow of innovation, ways to measure and connect outcomes and apply continuous learning to embed into your org’s teams.
  • A toolkit of methods and tools to use with teams to bridge gaps between strategic initiatives and executed tasks
  • Reviews and audits via workshops of their initiatives, objectives, communication and progress visualisation, mechanisms for fast feedback and learning, interaction modes to connect with other teams
  • A roadmap they can follow, team by team, and execute against to broaden transformation.
  • A transformation leader who has a support network around them of other change agents leaders across UK, Europe and US.
  • Ongoing coaching, resources, community, help and inspiration on how the business can a more measurable outcome approach to every part of the org as they grow and evolve.

Next Steps:

Step 1: Complete the application form (~1 min)

Step 2: A discovery call with Tim and/or an Outcome Coach (matched based on your context) to check in on your hopes and ensure you’ll get max ROI from the cohort

Step 3: Commitment to join and schedule

Step 4: Meet your cohort at the kick off on your first day!

"Excellent engagement, fantastic delivery of content and use of Post-it notes!"

"Fun, informative, real life stories and challenges."

"Very engaging and results driven"


What is the time commitment?

1-2 hours per week of synchronous calls and 2+ hours for personal learning and implementation (recommended)

Do I have to be in employment?

Yes. The cohort & workshops will only drive maximum value to you if you have a company you can apply learnings to. However if you are between roles right now, check out our open enrollment immersive workshops.

My responsibility is tech/product/ops/org-strategy-focussed - does this apply to me?

Absolutely! The mindset, approach and toolsets used throughout can be applied to technical platforms, products, services and overall strategy/leadership. It can even be applied to ops, HR, finance and other functions. If your role will benefit from a faster flow of learning, measuring what matters and connecting that to a higher strategy/purpose, this cohort is very applicable to you.

How much does it cost?

Our standard price is £2000+VAT (Roughly $2500 USD). We're offering our intital beta tester users 50% off.

Can I use my L&D Budget for this

Most do! But this is more a question for you and your business/manager than us.