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Say hello to our diverse team of Stellanauts!


Managing Director

Tim Beattie

Before co-founding Stellafai I was Global Head of Product for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs—a career spanning 20+ years as an agile and lean coach. I’m also a proud co-author of DevOps Culture and Practice. A book focused on sharing how to deliver continuous business value. What drives me is motivating others through energy, personality and fun. Bigger, wider, stronger seeds of inspiration that stand a better chance of growing further. A cocktail of people, culture, process, practice and technology propelling a strong purpose to accept no limits, think differently, and create positive change and success. Through Stellafai we have created a new way to help teams collaborate, visualise and measure progress and navigate their journey to stellar outcomes.



Bella Bardswell

An expert in cultural change, innovation, agile and design thinking. Before co-founding Stellafai, for 4+ years I was at Google, leading Customer Value and Digital Transformation teams. Prior to Google, I was an Associate Partner at IBM for 15+ years doing many consulting roles including Head of Agile Practice, EMEA. My mission is to empower people at all levels to achieve success and make life better by creating the right environment for great outcomes to happen; I love sparking innovation, enabling learning and putting the hard yards in to find new or better solutions to challenges. I have a personal commitment to inclusion in the workplace and a belief that diversity is the foundation of innovation and building the best teams. I was thrilled to be named in the Financial Times as a Top 50 OUTstanding LGBT+ Future Leader (2017). Through Stellafai we have created a new way to help teams collaborate, visualise and measure progress and navigate their journey to stellar outcomes.

Outcomes for all 

Our mission is to give everyone access to the tools and guidance they need to navigate their way to success. When we say everyone, we mean everyone. One of Stellafai’s key objectives is to overcome the inequality in access to the knowledge that enables innovation and success. This inequality often means that only a minority of people and organisations get access to the knowledge and processes that can profoundly impact their outcomes. We don’t think that’s fair. We want everyone to have access to these superpowers.Stellafai is just starting out but this has been a priority for us from day zero. Building inclusive software and services starts at home; so we’re already prioritising diversity, inclusion and equity in how we run things, how we grow our team and how we build our culture. Diversity at Stellafai starts at the top. As a lesbian, our co-founder Bella is a recognised LGBT+ leader and Tim is a passionate ally. We already have a diversity outcomes offering, we are doing pro bono work with charities, and we have lots of ideas about how we can support progress to build a more inclusive world. #OutcomesForAll 

Bella & Tim, Stellafai Co-Founders

Meet our team...



With over 15 years of experience as a developer, we are very lucky to have the talented Georges building the Stellafai software platform.



Ellie is our super-smart all-rounder who can turn her hand to almost everything - and has been! Her main focus areas are leading marketing and operations.



John is our amazing Growth Advisor, whose insights and advice are helping Stellafai scale and grow! 



Anna is one of our associate coaches, a DevOps and Lean practitioner passionate about empowering product teams and fostering cross teams collaboration.



Teemu is one of our associate coaches. He has experience coaching high-performing Product Teams, bringing together people, process and technology to solve complex business problems.



Val is one of our associate coaches. He brings an amazing combination of experiences in technology strategy with Product Development leadership and optimising organisations for fast flow.



Mark is Stellafai's Product Advisor, whose experience and expertise is helping Stellafai to succeed!



One of our associate coaches. Riley is a software engineer and designer who helped start and propelled Fortune 500's and startups projects in 15+ countries. His mantra: Inspire and empower people!



Macklin drives Stellafai's Business Development, bringing us great leads to help Stellafai succeed.

Some of our amazing team! 

Our Mission

We founded Stellafai in 2022 to help teams collaborate, visualise and measure progress, and navigate their journey to stellar outcomes. We believe that outcomes matter. Outcomes unlock organisational superpowers of alignment, commitment, focus, visibility and motivation. Every person, team and organisation should have access to these superpowers. So we created Stellafai, a space where outcomes matter. The Stellafai platform gives everyone access to the tools and guidance to navigate their way to success through outcomes.

Stellafai’s purpose is to guide coaches, consultants and leaders seeking to solve a problem, define a strategy, develop a product or deliver a project.