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Deliver better outcomes with coaching and a toolkit at your fingertips

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Better results, with help at your fingertips

Give your whole team access to incredible insights and nudges from Armstrong your AI-powered digital assistant.

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Stellafai STARTER ⚡️

Stay focused on what matters most

Build teams to suit you, and connect them with Objectives, Key Results, Methods and Activities.

Stellafai Boost 🚀

Expert coaches to support you

Access to real-life coaches and the data behind your outcomes with check-in tracking, progress estimates, plug-ins and automation.

The best features in the game

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AI And contextual tools

Your digital assistant, acting as another member of your team - Armstrong, powered by AI

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REal-life coaching

Access coaching and advice from Google and IBM alumni

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Outcome connections

Build connections between teams, objectives, and the work that makes them a success

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Objective management

Create, track and share objectives, key results, methods and activities

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Team setup

Access to the Stellafai outcomes platform for your whole organisation

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Learning and data

Performance analysis, data dashboards, email insight and helpful learning content