Enable your engineers to deliver business critical updates 105x faster.

Create a shared understanding of the benefits of treating your platform as a product. Starting with the platform, we’ll establish a prioritised backlog of initiatives and, then support you to deliver a relevant platform that provides meaningful outcomes faster.

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Are you having problems with...

  • Developers not wanting to use the platform, as it’s too complex or not relevant to developer needs?
  • Developer and Operations teams operating in silos, with too many dependencies on the way to production between teams?
  • Not being able to scale your platform?

This engagement is for you if you want to...

Increase team collaboration

Between platform team and stream aligned teams; reduce silos between teams to maximise alignment

Reduce complexity of platform

Allow developers to focus on solving business problems and improved quality services.

Make your platform scalable

More relevant to deliver value to customers faster.

How it works...


A 1 hour discovery call with our coaches, to understand your context, and particular challenges. We'll shape the programme around your specific needs so it is completely tailored to your context and challenges.


We run the 5 day in-person immersive engagement. The agenda is flexible but outcomes include: Establishing a shared purpose, enhancing ecosystem understanding and collaboration between platform and stream-aligned teams, and implementing progress tracking mechanisms for defined goals.


After the engagement, you'll have a dedicated coach for additional support. They'll offer guidance, check-in regularly, and answer any questions. All coaching is captured in a dedicated space for easy access by you and your team.

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Is this the right immersive engagement for you?

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What are some of the Key Takeaways I can expect?
  • All assets from the workshop captured and digitized
  • The resulting strategic goals, measures and supporting information configured in Stellafai
  • Reference guides to all methods used during the workshop for future use
  • Video montage to show in 1-2 minutes the impact of the workshop
  • A dedicated coach assigned to mentor and support you after the workshop, initially for 3 months
Can I personalise any of your engagements?

Yes! We want the engagements to be as contextual and specific to your circumstances as possible. For our organisation wide engagements, we'll have discovery calls with you prior to the workshop to ensure we're fully on board with your context. For our open enrollment courses, we'll send through a questionnaire to learn about your context and challenges.

What time zones do you work in?

We're UK based, but willing to (and have!) travelled abroad to facilitate workshops. Get in touch! 

Who will be running the session?

Our awesome team of coaches will be facilitating the session. You can learn more about them here.

Can I take part in any of these workshops as an individual?

Yes! If you're interested in attending this workshop with a group of individuals from lots of different companies, then check out our open enrollment page here for dates and further info! 

Can I pay for this with my L&D Budget?

Absolutely! You can use your Learning & Development budget to cover the cost of part or all of our Open Enrollment Workshops. Our workshops are designed to provide valuable skills, networking, and accreditation that align well with typical L&D objectives.

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