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An expert in cultural change, innovation, agile and design thinking. Before co-founding Stellafai, for 4+ years Bella was at Google, leading Customer Value and Digital Transformation teams. Her superpower is helping people and teams achieve their goals. She would love to work with you to help you nail OKRs and unlock your and your team’s potential.


Before co-founding Stellafai, Tim was Global Head of Product for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs—a career spanning 20+ years as an agile and lean coach. Tim is also a proud co-author of DevOps Culture and Practice. A book focused on sharing how to deliver continuous business.


Anna is a DevOps and Lean practitioner passionate about empowering product teams and fostering cross teams collaboration. Working at Open Innovation Labs, she coached customers to combine technology and open source ways of working to solve complex business problems and maximise the value and experience for the end users.


Riley was one of the founders of Red Hat Open Innovation labs. A software engineer and designer who helped start and propelled Fortune 500's and startups projects in 15+ countries. His mantra: Inspire and empower people!


Teemu has experience with coaching high-performing Product Teams. Teemu works with customer platform and application development teams to bring together people, process and technology in the most efficient way to solve complex business problems.


Val poses an amazing combination of experience in technology strategy (Wardley Mapping) with Product Development leadership (incl. Agile, DevOps, Design Thinking) and optimising organisations for flow (Team Topologies, Lean, Value Stream Mapping). Gained through leadership roles at Red Hat (Open Innovation Labs) and Digital.AI. In both he helped a number of Fortune 500 organisations in their transformations.