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Tim Beattie

Before co-founding Stellafai I was Global Head of Product for Red Hat Open Innovation Labs—a career spanning 20+ years as an agile and lean coach. I’m also a proud co-author of DevOps Culture and Practice. A book focused on sharing how to deliver continuous business value.

What drives me is motivating others through energy, personality and fun. Bigger, wider, stronger seeds of inspiration that stand a better chance of growing further. A cocktail of people, culture, process, practice and technology propelling a strong purpose to accept no limits, think differently, and create positive change and success.

Through Stellafai we have created a new way to help teams collaborate, visualise and measure progress and navigate their journey to stellar outcomes.

Bella Bardswell

I am an experienced coach with expertise in culture, agile, OKRs and leadership, BUT my super power is helping people and teams achieve their goals. I would love to work with you to help you nail OKRs and unlock your and your team’s potential.

I believe that OKRs are an under-utilised secret weapon of the highest performing teams. I’ve used them with many teams, and they are brilliant, but you have to do it right. They are simple but hard. You need the right foundations in place to succeed. There are a few common mistakes that you’ll want to avoid. You want to be confident in your OKRs to really commit to focusing on them and aligning all work around them.I believe in this stuff so much that I co-founded Stellafai! Before Stellafai, I was at Google for 5 years, but I could only help a few people, and they were often pretty wealthy big enterprises.

So my goal with Stellafai is to use technology to take my 20+ years of experience and make it accessible and affordable, so we can help many more people achieve amazing things! At Google, I was the EMEA Head of Transformation for Google Cloud Business Platforms for 5 years, where the sales process I co-developed was centered around defining business outcomes for our customers. Before that, I was at IBM working on digital transformation programs with expertise in change, agile and design thinking - my last and best role at IBM was leading IBM’s EMEA Agile Practice.