For our inaugural podcast, Stellafai co-founder Bella, chats with Simon Cobby (Chief Revenue Officer at Arthur).

Simon discusses the company's journey in implementing ​OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), and highlights the importance of learning from failures, emphasising that a 'warts and all' story is more valuable than focusing solely on successes. He explains his personal experiences, his spirit animal choice, and the best compliment he has received. Simon then delves into the concept of ​property tech and how he ended up working at Arthur. Both Simon and Bella share their perspectives on OKRs and the need for effective communication and alignment within an organisation. Simon reflects on his experiences with OKRs, noting the challenges and the need for continuous coaching, training, and a shift from outputs to outcomes. He also recognises the value of OKRs in managing significant changes within the organisation. Simon concludes by emphasising that OKRs do not set strategy and require time to build a culture of outcome mindset in an organisation.